Welcome to our Learn page! 

One of the things that we have noticed is that there is a lack of information – accessible information, for young people interested in STEM. We decided that we would like to try to solve that problem by creating a space to share valuable insights and knowledge in an easy way and simple format.  

We have loads of ideas in the works, so keep checking to see what new information we have shared. Some of the things you can look forward to seeing here are features like; What is STEM?, STEM careers, and our current project, Women in STEM.  

We hope that you will be able to gain some newfound knowledge, learn about a new career or even just find someone who you can resonate with. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the content we share. Your input would go a long way in making this a collaborative learning platform for all, so please do let us know! 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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