We are STEM femme! We are passionate about inspiring, motivating and connecting young women and girls in the field of STEM.


STEM femme was founded in 2021 by two final year Chemical Engineering students. Our mission is to be able to encourage, inspire and reach out to women and girls in STEM. We aim to do this by providing access to knowledge and valuable resources, creating a network of like-minded individuals, and engaging with young girls interested in the STEM space.  


We want to be able to provide open-source information to young girls interested in learning about STEM or wanting to pursue their studies in a STEM field. We have put together various resources to help you navigate the wealth of information that exists around STEM more easily.


It can be hard to reach out – we’ve all been there. We want to be able to make it easier to connect with the people who will be able to share stories, provide advice and just reassure you that everything will be okay. Our Women in STEM section might help you to see yourself in a position you never thought was possible.

What is STEM?

Not really sure what STEM is about? Head over to our Resources page for more information!

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