About Us

STEM femme was founded in 2021 by two final year Chemical Engineering students. Our mission is to be able to encourage, inspire and reach out to women and girls in STEM. We aim to do this by providing access to knowledge and valuable resources, creating a network of like-minded individuals, and engaging with young girls interested in the STEM space.  

As young women in STEM ourselves, we recognise the need for collaboration and support, women-to-women. Specifically, we have seen that there is a lack of peer-to-peer support, particularly for girls, and we would like to change that.  We also know that learning about the vast options or finding opportunities within the constantly evolving STEM field can be daunting. 

We have made many mistakes, learnt many lessons and have gathered a host of knowledge on our own journeys, and we would like to share this with the next generation. Given this, we decided to create a platform in order to address some of the issues that we have either experienced or seen during our own STEM journeys. Through STEM femme, we hope to be able to inspire, motivate and support girls who wish to pursue their studies or a career in STEM fields. 

So we call ourselves STEM femme, who are we trying to reach? 

We want to reach as many people as we can and spread knowledge, resources and spark interest in the STEM space. Obviously anyone can access this platform but our target audience is young women, identifying women and femme bodies in South Africa. 

Looking forward to fuelling the future with you!