Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to STEM femme! Our launch is a bit different than what we had imagined, given the current Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that you and your families are keeping well and safe during these trying times. Despite the dark-hanging cloud of the pandemic, we hope that we will be able to share some light as we embark on this journey.

We are so excited to be able to welcome you to our platform! We hope that you will find our content useful, inspiring and welcoming. One of our main goals is to be able to create a community of young women and girls in STEM. We believe that we will best be able to do this with your continuous feedback, so don’t be shy – send us a message with your thoughts, comments and suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

You may have seen our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages where we have been sharing some sneak peaks for what’s to come. If you haven’t, don’t worry, now is your chance to find out! If this is your first time hearing about us head over to our About page to learn more and to meet our team.

First things first, you might be wondering what exactly is STEM? Simply, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths . At face value, these disciplines seem fairly obvious, however, through our own journeys, we have learnt that they encompass so much more than meets the eye and we would like to be able to share this with you. For example, Science goes beyond the usual Biology and Chemistry but also includes Medicine, Occupational Therapy, forensics and the likes. Technology is a rapidly changing sector which has grown to include occupations such as web developers, coding specialists and technologists. Engineering has a whole host of paths including mechanical, chemical, process and even environmental and lastly, Maths is an extremely broad field which includes the likes of Actuarial Science, Statistics and Information Systems. This is just a broad overview of what STEM means and what the possibilities of a STEM field could be. But these are also the typical or traditional routes that these paths follow. STEM fields also help you to develop a way of thinking, problem solving, and helping people with your own skills and knowledge!

We hope to share even more knowledge, resources and even young professionals with you so that you can broaden your understanding and hone your STEM interests. Look forward to learning about potential career paths, watching informational videos, listening to speakers and getting the chance to connect with young professionals in the field. We have tried to categorise this information into different tabs: Learn, Community and Resources. You can navigate to any of these to learn more about what will be featured under each heading.

Our first exciting project is the Women in STEM feature where we have curated some profiles on wonderful young women either studying or working within a STEM field. Some of these women are studying Medicine and Engineering, while others are pursuing careers in Computer Science and Genetics. Head on over to read more!

We also hope to share interesting topics with you through our Blog. Some topics we have in store include: STEM vs. STEAM, STEM and Sustainability and Study Tips from STEM students. If you would like to hear about a specific topic, let us know or, if you have a knack for writing and would like a space to share your STEM related thoughts, like we’ve said, get in touch with us!

In trying to build a community, we also hope to be able to connect and engage with you. To do this, we hope to be able to set up a discussion board where we can freely discuss ideas around the STEM space. We hope that this will be a safe and inclusive environment to share thoughts, concerns and engage on various STEM related topics. So watch this space!

We hope that this gives you a bit of an overview of what we’re about. We look forward to sharing with you, hearing from you and engaging with you all!

Looking forward to fuelling the future with you,

The STEM femme Team